Now raise a toast with the world’s largest selling liquor, Chinese spirit Baijiu. Mumbai-based liquor distribution firm VBev India is bringing Baijiu into the country with the launch of Jiangxiaobai, a value brand focused on youngsters.

The product will be launched in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi this week and will be rolled out in phases in Pune, Chennai and West Bengal, company officials said.


“Chinese food is the second highest selling cuisine in India. We want to capitalize on this and target the ‘Horeca’ segment as well as modern retail to introduce Baijiu in the country,” said Sumedh Singh Mandla, CEO at VBev India that also sells brands such as Stolichnaya vodka and Jura Whisky in the country.


Horeca ( Hotel/Restaurant/Catering ) stands for hotel and catering food service industry.

Baijiu literally means White Liquor.

About 1.2 billion cases of Baijiu, a heritage white spirit made with sorghum at an ABV (Alcohol by volume) of 40%, are sold each year globally, making it the world’s top selling spirit ahead of Whisky. In 2018, the global Baijiu market was valued at about US$ 110 billion and the Whiskey market at US$ 56.7 billion.

Jiangxiaobai’s target consumer is 18-35 years, making India a relevant market for the brand, said Zoe Fu, director of international business department at Chongqing-based Jiangxiaobai Liquor Co. “India has become a young country as the population of youngsters is growing faster than the older sections of people.”

While India is primarily a brown spirits market with whisky alone accounting for 65% of the market share, the white spirits segment — comprising mainly of Vodka, White Rum and Gin — is reported to be growing faster than the Brown segment at 12.5% a year.

China, the Philippines and Korea are the biggest markets for Jiangxiaobai Baijiu.