Aug 6 is celebrated as India Pale Ale (IPA) Beer Day

        <h4>What is IPA?

India pale ale (IPA) is a hoppy beer style within the broader category of Pale Ale.

Formation of IPA

The India Pale Ale was created so that the British could keep drinking beer while colonizing the world. When India was a British colony.

When India was a British colony, it was tough to brew beer there because of the hot weather. There wasn’t yet widespread access to refrigeration, and intense heat makes fermentation go wild, speeding it up and changing flavors in unpredictable and often unpleasant ways. That made brews turn out inconsistent and unsuccessful

Shipping “regular” English brews (like porters and dark ales) to the India was also problematic since the beer would go bad, become stale or get infected before it arrives.

But two ingredients in beer naturally have preservative effects: hops, the drink’s key bittering agent, and alcohol.

And in addition to preserving the liquid, these ingredients also created a new flavor. (And eventually yielded a beer that was paler in color than many of the dark ones the Brits had been drinking.)

“Experts said It’s getting a certain amount of oxygen and certain reactions are occurring and you make certain new flavors and aromas in the process of shipping it over an extended distance,” he said. “That’s the origin of the very, very hoppy type beers – IPAs.”

Solving a problem ended up creating a delightful new style of Beer that was stronger in both flavor and alcohol.

-Business Insider

Who invented IPA?

IPA was invented by a brewer called George Hodgson from Bow, in East London.” Fact: Hodgson was the best-known of the early exporters of pale ale to India. But there is no evidence at all that he “invented” a new beer style. The pale ale was already being brewed in England before Hodgson.