Japanese beverage maker Suntory Holdings has roll out a whisky brand (OakSmith) that is sell exclusively only in India, the world’s largest market, in collaboration with distiller Diageo.

This new Brand OakSmith has been launched blended in two variant Imported Bourbon and Scotch. This product is classified as IMFL (Indian Made foreign Liquor) that uses its Imported Whisky to blend with Indian Spirit.

Beam Suntory, the U.S.-based subsidiary of the Japanese parent, already sells Teacher’s brand scotch in India from 1994. Oaksmith will be its first product sold only in India. Suntory acquired U.S. distiller Beam in 2014. This Japanese Whisky is Available in Pune and Maharashtra, targeting the youth and Price is capped at ₹1500 max.

-TheSpiritsBusiness(Image Credit)