• Karnataka excise department is looking to find an effective way for online liquor sale through surveying the sate where already liquor is sold online, like Kerala, Kolkata, and Mumbai.
  • Kerala government has built an inhouse application for token and online liquor delivery.
  • Kolkata government has tied up with HIPBAR for application platform, where deliveries will be full-filled by Zomato, Swiggy, and Spencer’s Retail.
  • Mumbai Government is issuing a permit license who can but liquor online or carry from one place to another, The fee for a permit, which is valid for a year, is 100. A lifetime validity costs ₹1,000.
  • Earlier in Bangalore HIPBAR, Chennai based company used to provide delivery. But later because of some dispute they had abandon services.
  • Some corporate and giant retailers are demanding online service so that they can boost sales and earnings. On the ground of maintaining social distancing and health issues of some regular consumers, Excise is planning to roll online delivery.
  • Now the challenge is the Excise department needs to find a sustainable business model for online delivery, Where they can control the monopoly of some retails, illegal age of drinking, over-consumption, Assault, and much more.

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