• In the race of Non-alcoholic Beverages, one more Non-alcoholic product is added, which looks like a bottle of wine but is a different type of Gin with blended Botanicals.
  • KVÎST spirit has launched its first-ever Non-alcoholic drink, which is a complex handcrafted blend of 8 Botanicals- Juniper, Silver Birch, Orange Peel, Cardamom, Pimento, Cascarilla Bark, Gentian and Rhubarb Root. Using an innovative technique to absorb and retain the flavor of juniper and other botanical extracts without alcohol.
  • Two variants KVÎST are leading with Juniper and Citrus, and KVÎST Rosa infused with herb and spice bitters for a pink gin style.
  • KVÎST is a non-alcoholic spirit at less than 0.5% alcohol by volume, Sugar-free, Allergen free, Sweetener free, and it does not have any artificial flavor.
  • KVÎST makes the perfect non-alcoholic gin & tonic and can also be enjoyed straight. It works beautifully in mocktails.

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