Distillery and Liquor body, Confederation of Indian Alcoholic Beverage Companies (CIABC), has once again approached the State and Central Government to revoke the Liquor ban, during this lock-down period.

They have proposed to open the shops that are out of the Containment/Hotspot zone, under strict social distancing guidelines or to open an online platform for doorstep delivery.

Even the state government wants to resume Liquor sale, Punjab CM has also approached the central government to lift the ban, but they denied to grant permission.

In Karnataka, a group of 5000 people on social media has demanded the government to lift the ban or to dispense the liquor through rationing. with a point that, It will help the governing body to control the supply and maintain the social distancing.

Rationing system will help the government to control the supply, but in India only 30-35% of the population consumes alcohol. Those who are non-drinkers, will take advantage of the situation and sell it in the black market and this will increase consumption because people are idle and also it may increase violation.

The liquor industry contributes almost 2 lakh crores in taxes. Liquor sales will help the state and central government to come out of the cash crunch and revive the economy. Humble Liquor industry could turn out to be a boon to the Indian economy if the government could regulate the online liquor industry.

Let’s hope the Government takes note of this.

Until next time… Stay Safe, Stay Home!