NAGPUR: Tipplers in Nagpur district guzzled more than 64 lakh bottles of liquor in December alone. The state excise department has recorded a sale of 48.24 lakh litres of liquor from retailers and wholesalers during the month.

This roughly translates into 64 lakh bottles of standard 750ml capacity. If compared to the district’s population, each person consumed more than one bottle during the month. The total population is pegged at 40 lakh.

Though New Year events organized this time were less than the previous year due to economic slowdown, liquor sale in licensed outlets and bars increased by 8% as compared to 2018.

According to the data procured from the state excise department, the district guzzled additional 3,50,930 litres of liquor as compared to December 2018. In December 2018, the tipplers in the district consumed 44,73,163 litres of liquor. However, it does not include liquor consumed by people stocking up alcohol at homes or in hotels.


The district has 673 outlets, including Wholesale, Retail, Beer shops, Wine and Country liquor and Star hotels where all types of liquors are available.


The statistics revealed that consumption of country liquor was the highest among all kinds of foreign made liquors, beer and wine. The sale of country liquor saw a 8.72% jump in December 2019 as compared to the same period in 2018. Tipplers consumed additional 2,27,868 litres of country made liquor followed by Foreign Made Liquors (FML) as its sale shot up by 7.43%. Tipplers consumed 87,626 litres of excess FML as compared to December 2018, the data revealed.


This time, the sale of low alcoholic beverages like light Beer and Wine also registered an increase due to growing number of Women consumers, said officials of the state excise department. Guzzlers consumed 35,326 additional litres of beer and 50 litres of wine in December last year.

They said the cold weather conditions and the growing culture of having New Year bash and Christmas led to increase in liquor sale.

The official said the drinking culture in the district was on the rise, adding that the consumption of imported premium whisky was also.

The recent raids by the excise department in food joints also helped the department generate additional revenue through issuing one-day permit to such joints and individuals too to consume liquor.

On the eve of New Year, as many as 59 one-day permits were issued by the department and the move generated Rs9.67 lakh revenue, said excise inspector Raosaheb Kore, added that last year, there were only a few one-day permits were issued.