October is National Applejack Month

Do you know that Johnny Appleseed was named John Chapman and that he sewed his apple seeds throughout colonial Ohio and Indiana primarily to provide rural farmers with hard cider and applejack, the most popular intoxicating beverages for country folk back then! The apple harvest and October’s chill have traditionally ushered in cider season, and applejack, a concentrated and higher proof version of hard cider, is now an officially recognized part of that tradition. Applejack is also called Apple Brandy or Calvados, which is the French version. Happy National Applejack Month!

Since it is National Applejack Month, I thought I would share an apple cider recipe with you to enjoy as the weather begins to cool. Make it a world-class day and enjoy it!

How to make Applejack Manhattan:


  • Fill a mixing glass with Ice

  • Pour 60ml Applejack

  • 30ml of Sweet Vermouth

  • And 2 dashes of Bitters

  • Stir thoroughly

  • Strain into a chilled coupe glass

  • Garnish with a twist of orange zest

-(Recipe by Steve)