Sep 28 is Celecrated as National Drink Beer Day

Beer lovers unite! Grab an ice-cold beer (or two) and get ready to celebrate National Drink Beer Day. With the craft Beer scene more popular than ever, there are a wide variety of Beers guaranteed to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Maybe you’re a fan of IPA’s and Hoppy brews or maybe you prefer a dark stout. Whatever your preference is, there are so many options for you. And while it may seem like a bad idea to have an entire day dedicated to something that can potentially cause a lot of harm, know that in moderation, beer can also be good for you! Beer contains antioxidants, can lower the risk of Heart attacks, decrease the risk of Diabetes in Women, and can be good for your Bones (again, in moderation). So crack open a cold one, drink responsibly, and enjoy your day! Cheers!