In India’s dream City Maharashtra you need a License to use Alcohol in food, party and even for self-consumption.

If any one is serving a Liquor to more than 10 people without a Liquor permit can get you arrested and your Liquor will be seized.

Even if you are drinking at Home you need have a Liquor permit, A Licensed person can carry up-to to 12 Bottles

Consumers are restricted to bring liquor from other states, because they may get it Cheaper in that case State Government stand to lose revenue. License is not need to have a small family party for a group of 8-10 people, unless there is any Complaint.

For Grand Event or Party License is needed. To get Commercial Event permit, It ll cost you 20,000 and for Home grand parties 10,000.

You can approach a Excise Department’s area officer or you can visit Online Services Portal for permit License. If a party is organized without a permission, Criminal case will be registered and Court will decides the Charges and Penalty.