Glenfiddich 1937 Rare Collection Single Malt Whisky
India’s new Gin is here, brought to you by Amrut Distilleries
Johnnie Walker has launched a cocktail scotch whisky
Limited Edition Jane Walker by Johnnie Walker
Boyden Valley Winery & Spirits is Changing its Course of Production!
Amrut Distilleries: The Pioneers Of Indian Single Malt is celebrating their 10th anniversary with Fusion X
Is a Robotic bartender is the future of BAR
Andra Government has banned liquor permits from other states!
Bacardi is set to launch its Biodegradable bottle soon!
Bombay Sapphire has added a premium Gin to its portfolio!
Bio Liquor to make its debut in the Goa liquor market!
Pernod Ricard has expanded its portfolio with St. Petroni vermouth
The World’s First Distilled Non-alcoholic spirit!
Most valuable Liquor brandz of 2020
Karnataka excise department is looking to start liquor home delivery!
Paul John Distillery has ventured into the premium brandy
Pernod Ricard has unveiled its first paper-based spirit bottle
A man who is auctioning his collection of ''The Macallan Whisky'' to buy a house
Liquor shops are set to open from tomorrow in Chennai
Tipplers are dying of duplicate liquor!
Premium and Imported liquor will be soon sold in UP, shopping malls
Johnnie Walker Whisky to make its debut in Paper Bottle
KVÎST spirit has launched its first-ever Non-alcoholic drink!
Liquor can be served with Unlock 2.0 at the wedding functions!
Liquor counter sale to start from 1st July in Odisha.
Amazon to enter the Liquor industry
Vocal for Local
The US-Based firm, Drinkyfy soon may deliver liquor in Hyderabad!
HIPBAR app is providing home delivery in WB
Rajasthan government has revised the liquor prices!
Amid lock-down, the Aurangabad government hasn’t increased liquor prices
How to apply for a token on BevQ app
Kerala’s booze delivery app is ready for launch
25% special excise duty on Liquor in pondy!
Good news for tipplers in Odisha
Mumbaikar's to get liquor delivery from tomorrow
Zomato and Swiggy to deliver Liquor in Ranchi!
How to order Liquor Online in Maharashtra?
BEVCO is ready for online liquor sale!
Liquors will be delivered from tomorrow in Maharastra
Kerala may start online Liquor sale
Maharashtra is planning to introduce an e-Token system for buying Liquor
Bars and Resto's are open in Karnataka
How to apply for e-Token
Zomato may soon deliver Liquor
Liquor price has raised across the Nation
Liquor Shops to open from 4th May
Liquor body has requested to allow Liquor sale outside the containment areas!
Liquor stores to open soon in Maharashtra
Beware of the fake website offers liquor Online!
Home delivery may start from this Week in Kolkata
Soon Liquor may be Delivered to your doorstep
Goa is consuming Hurrack as a substitute to Liquor!
Naonal Beer Day
Now Liquor will be sold on Prescription!
Booze makers to produce sanitizer
Liquor sale boomed in just 6hrs in Chennai
Lucknow guzzled more liquor this Holi
Liquor to cost more in Karnataka!
IMFL, Liquor to be sold in Aluminum Cans!
Indian winery giant has launched first Canned Wine
Women-friendly Liquor stores to open in Madhya Pradesh
Nagaland to control the illegal flow of Alcohol!
Madhya Pradesh, Liquor industry to go online and provide a Doorstep delivery
Liquor lovers soon to get a doorstep delivery in Punjab (Mohali)
Nitish Kumar is wishing for liquor free:India
Liquor prices to go up by 50% in Goa
Now Drinking and Driving both requires a License!
People seem to think “Corona Beer” is related to the deadly Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak, as searches for ‘Corona beer virus’ are trending on Google
Soon, you could buy liquor in a supermarket in UP
Japanese Maker (Suntory Holdings) has rolled its Whisky brand in India!
Nagpur guzzled 48.24 lakh litres liquor in December!
Does Education reduces risk of alcohol dependence?
Delhiites has spent 1,000 crore on liquor last December!
Liquor consumption is up by 20% in Guwahati!
National Sangria Day
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Baijiu (The Chinese Spirit Giant) has Made its Debut in India!
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